“There’s more than one way to get exhibitors in your shows… And we’ve got some great ideas!”



The exposure your event receives has a direct correlation to both the number of exhibitors who apply to your show AND to the quality of work those exhibitors display. It’s our goal to provide the best possible exposure for you! The listing, both online and in the print copy of our guide is the fundamental stepping stone of promotion for your show. Our event guide is set up like a directory… and that’s the way it’s used. Exhibitors use several cross references to hone in on just exactly what they are looking for and it’s found we provide all the pertinent information about the show.


SEE WHAT YOUR LISTING WILL LOOK LIKE  you may want to sign up on our website for a TWO DAY FREE TRIAL to search our content and see for yourself how subscribers use our website as well as what your website will look like.

1.    Premium Listing $150 – $225 – which includes the pictures, large or small banner ad, live links to application, extended write up, video in the online listing and more! Here is a link to see several of the banner ads we’ve created for other shows: https://www.wheretheshowsare.com/#section-13

2.    Digital CALL TO ARTISTS – $495.00 – We’ve PROVIDED hundreds of these throughout the year. We create and send a message out to around 27,000 people with information specifically about your show.  I’ve included a couple of links below and you’ll see quite a few of our samples on our advertising web page at https://www.wheretheshowsare.com/email/wtsanewsletter/ Just click on the image of the event you’d like to view and you’ll see the Call To Artists we’ve created for that particular show.

3.    Digital Package: $595.00 – This includes all of the above as well as a large banner on our website. We get literally millions of views for these banners. You can see our statistics here… http://www.wheretheshowsare.com/admanagerpro/#info 

4. Bulk Email & Bulk Texting Services: When you need to reach out to your event participants or prospective exhibitors, sometimes it can present a challenge! WITH A PAID LISTING THESE SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! (you must provide your own SMTP or SMS service… we can help set that up for you)

Although you may only need to do this a few times per year… most services will have you paying ALL YEAR LONG! And email browsers filling up with so many messages exhibitors don’t even get to your message sometimes for days. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a text out right away? Or have your own email service set up to send out just your message? Now in a partnership with DLK Digital Marketing you can have just that AND it’s affordable. You can preview the websites right here and we will be happy to assist you in setting up the service! Check out our digital marketing service at https://www.dlkdigitalmarketing.com/

5.    Online Sponsor Programs. For many shows sponsorships mean the difference between having money for your cause or losing your shirt! So any way you can present them in a better light and provide advantages for them it’s a real plus for you and a fantastic sales tool for you when it comes time to go out and get those sponsorships! Many people just link a PDF version of that program in their website… but we can offer you a dynamic, attractive alternative. Your online sponsor program can include hyperlinks, video, pictures, audio… you name it! Check out our sample here: https://www.wheretheshowsare.com/email/spacecoastartfest/programguide/

6.    Reach Out To Shoppers! Cost Varies – With our partner site https://shopandgetlocal.com we can send out customized email & text messages to groups of shoppers right in your area! We can also target those people with banner ads on the website that are geo-located so that your banner is displayed to people right in your area. We custom price this because each area and each show are different. 

7.    OUR MONTHLY NEWSLETTER – Not everyone on our email lists wants to hear from us every day. But they DO still like to know what’s going on in the art & crafts industry. To answer that call, we’ve started sending out our weekly newsletter. Currently we have over 140,000 exhibitors signed up to participate! And if you choose one of our DIGITAL PACKAGE programs OR our DIGITAL CALL TO ARTIST program, we’ll include you in the monthly newsletter too! You may have already seen a copy of our newsletter… but if not, just click here and take a look at the newest edition: https://wheretheshowsare.com/email/wtsanewsletter/

8.    MANAGE YOUR EXHIBITORS WITHOUT THE EXPENSE OF ZAPPLICATION – Zapplication has certainly changed the way a lot of people manage the exhibitors in their show. And if you really need all the tools they offer then it’s a great deal! But many times you find yourself only using a handful of those possibilities OR you simply get lost in the myriad of technical difficulties. For years now we have been managing our subscribers with a much simpler system and it may be perfect for you too! If you’re interested… give us a call or send an email. We’ll discuss your needs and see if this may be a match for you too!

READY TO GET STARTED? Placing the listing with us is easy. Just go to our online listing form at WTSA ONLINE LISTING FORM . You can either just print it out and fax it to us at (386) 426-2419 OR send it to us by email.  If you could also be sure to provide your phone number or email address it would be useful too in case we have any additional questions about your show.


With all the experience we have in the art & crafts and publishing business we bring decades of print experience to the table. Whether you need a competitive price on posters, the program for your event, the website for your show or the application you send… online hosting and more… we can help! We know what artists and craftsmen look for, we’ve got a feel for the market and we can provide that to you on whatever level you need us. Give us a call to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to tell you how we can help. Our number is (386) 428-0173 You can also email us at dan@wheretheshowsare.com