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Please answer the questions below the best you can. If you have additional questions or would like to speak with us directly about your event please give us a call and we’ll be happy to speak with you and assist you in any way we can.   Dan Lewis – Where The Shows Are!!!

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Your show will be listed online at www.wheretheshowsare.com. It will remain active in our database until the event takes place for up to a maximum of one year from the date you submit the event to us. The appropriateness of inclusion of your event is at the sole discretion of the management of Where The Shows Are!!! If for some reason we do not include your event we'll email you and let you know.

While we certainly welcome your listing, here are a few additional ideas we offer…

1.     THE BASIC LISTING IS AVAILABLE FOR $50.00 This is the level at which many shows participate. At this level your event will be included in the online database and all details of your event will be visible to ALL levels of subscribers from the time you list the event until the time the event takes place for up to one year in advance! You can click here to pay online. http://www.wheretheshowsare.com/wtsamembers/signup/6cTMmg2y

2.    THE PREMIUM LISTING IS AVAILABLE FOR $150.00. The PREMIUM listing gives you everything included in the BASIC listing plus you'll be able to include pictures, a video if you have one, your event logo, an extended write up about your show, hot links to your web page, your email address AND a link directly to your application! In addition we'll provide a small banner ad (190 pixels X150 pixels) that will run on both the subscriber and the public sections of our website from the time you place it until the time the event takes place. WE GET MILLIONS OF VIEWS FOR THESE BANNERS EVERY MONTH! See for yourself... https://www.wheretheshowsare.com/admanagerpro

2.    THE PREMIUM PLUS LISTING IS AVAILABLE FOR $225.00. This listing includes everything we have in all the other listings PLUS instead of the small banner you'll have a large banner. The large banner measures 900 X 200 pixels and not only will you have a much larger banner, but because there are less of them you'll have far less competition for visibility. Visit our website for more information: https://www.wheretheshowsare.com/email/upgradeyourlisting/

4.    THE EXCLUSIVE "CALL TO ARTISTS" FOR $495.00. Here we create an email call to artists specifically for your event. We create the message, proof it with you and then once you approve we schedule it to be sent to our entire database of exhibitors. We guarantee the message is sent a minimum of three times with three followups. We've sent hundreds of these over the years and they are extremely successful! Here is a link to a few samples: https://www.wheretheshowsare.com/email/wtsanewsletter

5.    THE "DIGITAL PACKAGE" FOR $595.00. This advertising program combines all of the above opportunities and provides your event with all the digital advertising programs we offer. You'll get the premium & premium plus listing, both a large and small banner ad, the exclusive all to artists, hot links in your listing, video, extended write up and more. THIS PACKAGE PROVIDES THE MAXIMUM EXPOSURE FOR YOUR EVENT TO THE ARTISTS AND CRAFTSMEN WHO USE OUR SITE!  

6.   Need to stay in touch with your exhibitors?  We offer an in-house way to do that too!  With our other company, DLK Digital Marketing we offer a bulk email system at https://email.dlkdigitalmarketing.com and bulk text messaging at https://sms.dlkdigitalmarketing.com/dlksms/login   Unlike all the other systems out there this is basically a "pay as you go" system allowing you to use it when you need it.  There is no monthly charge when you aren't using the system!  Give us a call if you're interested. 

7.     Online Sponsor Programs.  For many shows sponsorships mean the difference between having money for your cause or losing your shirt!  So any way you can present them in a better light and provide advantages for them it’s a real plus for you and a fantastic sales tool for you when it comes time to go out and get those sponsorships!  Many people just link a PDF version of that program in their website… but we can offer you a dynamic, attractive alternative.  Your online sponsor program can include hyperlinks, video, pictures, audio… you name it!  Check out our sample here: https://www.wheretheshowsare.com/email/spacecoastartfest/programguide/

8.     Reach Out To Shoppers! Cost Varies  – With our partner site https://shopandgetlocal.com we can send out customized email & text messages to groups of shoppers right in your area!  We can also target those people with banner ads on the website that are geo-located so that your banner is displayed to people right in your area.  We custom price this because each area and each show are different. 

9.     Here are some links to a few of the DIGITAL CALLS TO ARTISTS we’ve created for other events.  https://wheretheshowsare.com/email/wtsanewsletter/