What is digital advertising?

Digital advertising is the most exciting new concept to reach out to prospective customers that has come along in years! Here at "Where The Shows Are!!!" it's done through Banner Ads here on our website... Email Blasts that we send out to a list of over 27,000 prospective event participants and then through social media as well by posting on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and a number of other places on the web that generate responses for your event. In addition to that, every time we create an email blast, we also create a mini website that features your show. These appear on search engines all over the web and become a kind of "landing page" promoting your event throughout the year!

Is it expensive?

ADVERTISING SHOULD NEVER COST YOU ONE CENT!!! Like all types of promotion, there is usually some sort of capital outlay to get the ball rolling... but in the end, you should be taking in far more money than you spend. Whether you're considering a banner ad, an email blast, a premium online listing, a display ad in our print guide, a regular event listing or any other form of promotion... if the balance is not positive in the end then you need to re-examine what you are doing with your promotional dollars. Most customers who have worked with us become repeat customers. That doesn't happen because they are wasting their money with us. It happens because we bring them more exhibitors and expose the events to a much wider range of prospective exhibitors than they could have reached any other way.

How much does it cost?

We have a variety of packages and we can tailor make one for you! Small banner ads are included with our Premium Listings. Those listings cost $100.00 (a $75.00 upgrade from our basic listing). That includes the small banner ad, a photo gallery in your online listing, an additional write up on the show and a live link to your event application. Actually that's a lot for a small upgrade charge! The large banners come with our Digital Package which costs $495.00. This includes the online and print listing, small banner, the live application link, the photo gallery, the write up, the large banner AND and email blast sent out three times to our entire list of exhibitors. Your event banner from the email blast will also post to our Facebook site. We also offer discounts when these are combined with display ads in the print copy of our guide.

What if I just want the email blast?

We can provide a stand alone email blast for you too. The cost for that is $300.00 and once again it's sent out three times to our entire list of exhibitors. This is exactly like the one we do with our Digital Package. We'll create the proof, take the time to tweak it so everything meets with your approval and then set up the times to send it whenever you'd like it to be sent! We'll send it more times if you'd like at a slightly higher cost.

How do I get started?

Starting your Digital Advertising program is as simple as either sending us an email or giving us a call! You can speak to any of us in the office to get the ball rolling. We'll need all the pertinent details about your event like dates, locations, sponsor information and the details the exhibitors need to know like prices, space sizes etc. Then we'd like to have any graphics you have such as logos, pictures, maps etc. Any press releases you may have created or other verbiage you have that describes the show would also be appreciated. We'll need information as to how to link to those features you want exhibitors to access too. Applications, pictures, the web page and so forth. Basically the more you provide to us... then better job we can do! Give us a call and we'll discuss this in more detail with you!